Spring 2018 Items Have Arrived!

✨ Joyous Spring Solstice and Happy Vernal Equinox, Spring 2018 items have arrived! 🌙 We’re beyond excited to share 5 new items with you:  Body Butter • Spring  Deep Clean Detox Bar Soap  Hand-Rolled Incense • Beltane  Hand-Rolled Incense • Ostara  Spring Solstice Bundle featuring a crystal infused soap bar and a collection of home and altar … Continue reading Spring 2018 Items Have Arrived!

Seasonal Items Announcement!

Hi there, Kristen here with an update about our products for 2018: As you may know, on each Solstice in 2017, we debuted 3 seasonal items.  Each item was made with seasonally available herbs (many wild foraged) and in a very small quantities.  When these items sold out, they were gone for good.  Many of you … Continue reading Seasonal Items Announcement!

Winter 2017 Limited Batch Products Have Arrived!

✨ Joyous Solstice, Winter 2017 limited batch items have arrived! 🌙 This season we're embracing the trees, herbs, and aromas that comfort and celebrate Winter. We're excited to be offering 3 Winter 2017 limited items: 🛀  Winter Nights Bar Soap 🕯 Winter Nights Beeswax Candle 🌫  Winter Nights Incense   🌲 All our Winter 2017 limited Batch items … Continue reading Winter 2017 Limited Batch Products Have Arrived!

Our Best Ever Chai Recipe (No spice grinder or straining required!)

  Some of our friends may recognize the word "chai" as the word simply for tea in many languages.  When we think of "chai" here in the US, what comes to mind is a warm, spicy drink, usually in latte form from a drive-thru.  Traditionally chai is a tea based beverage that has been steeped … Continue reading Our Best Ever Chai Recipe (No spice grinder or straining required!)

Autumn 2017 Limited Batch Products Have Arrived!

Happy Equinox! The breeze has a chill, the mornings are covered with dew, and we can feel that Autumn is just around the corner.  For us, this time of year is all about creating warm, comfortable space as we begin to transition indoors.  Our new Autumn 2017 Limited Batch items are designed specifically to comfort and relax your … Continue reading Autumn 2017 Limited Batch Products Have Arrived!

Product Spotlight: Palo Santo

Known as the Holy Tree of South America, Palo Santo has been used for thousands of years dating back to the Inca population.  Palo Santo is traditionally used in ceremonies and healing rituals by Shamans and Healers to remove negative energy and ensure protection of personal energy. Ideal for your sacred space, yoga practice, divination … Continue reading Product Spotlight: Palo Santo