Am I an Herbalist?

I have always struggled with what I call myself, especially in professional settings. Whether it be my herbal work or my full-time job, it is always uneasy to navigate. For me, it has always been more comfortable to say 'I do...' rather than 'I am...'.Maybe it's insecurity, minimal self-esteem, or simply a lack of comfortable … Continue reading Am I an Herbalist?

Foraging & Harvesting Guidelines

A few weeks back I posted a brief video on Instagram regarding some upsetting things I had started to see on social media (watch the full video below). At the time, I felt a bit overwhelmed seeing posts asking questions like 'what should I do with this herb I just picked'. This really struck me … Continue reading Foraging & Harvesting Guidelines

10 Tips for Exploring Herbalism

With a recent rise in popularity and mainstream acceptance, we hear more about herbalism now than ever before. While this is exciting and validating for us in the herbalism world, it can be intimidating for those who want to come play in our sandbox. Let me just say, the sandbox is plenty big for everyone … Continue reading 10 Tips for Exploring Herbalism

Grinding resin (and my patience).

You already know that all the incense Nor'Eastern Herb Company, LLC sells is blended, mixed, and rolled into cones by hand.  What you might not know is the herbs and resins used in every incense cone must be ground into powder so the cones have a smooth, even burn.  Very few herbs are available powered … Continue reading Grinding resin (and my patience).

The Energy and Spirit of Burdock

Last fall I visited my friend Kate's house in Southern Maine for a gathering of strong women to observe the change of the seasons.  In addition to our festive activities, we ventured outside for a photoshoot among the New England Autumn colors.  Kate lives in a historic and well known house that just happens to … Continue reading The Energy and Spirit of Burdock

Our Favorite Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup is probably one of the most well known remedies for colds and flu.  For as long as we know, it has been used to boost our immune systems when colds and flu rear their ugly heads.  Gaia Herbs notes "The [elderberry] plant has been used since the fifth century AD, and it was … Continue reading Our Favorite Elderberry Syrup

Our Best Ever Chai Recipe (No spice grinder or straining required!)

  Some of our friends may recognize the word "chai" as the word simply for tea in many languages.  When we think of "chai" here in the US, what comes to mind is a warm, spicy drink, usually in latte form from a drive-thru.  Traditionally chai is a tea based beverage that has been steeped … Continue reading Our Best Ever Chai Recipe (No spice grinder or straining required!)

Common Questions: How can I dry dandelion flowers without them going to seed?

This is a great question!  Let’s first clarify what it means for dandelions to “go to seed”.  You probably recognize dandelions as the bright yellow flower that appears in lawns and along the road every Spring.  You’re probably also familiar with the “wish flowers” that come a bit later.  These “wish flowers” are the puff balls that when … Continue reading Common Questions: How can I dry dandelion flowers without them going to seed?