Am I an Herbalist?

I have always struggled with what I call myself, especially in professional settings. Whether it be my herbal work or my full-time job, it is always uneasy to navigate. For me, it has always been more comfortable to say 'I do...' rather than 'I am...'.Maybe it's insecurity, minimal self-esteem, or simply a lack of comfortable … Continue reading Am I an Herbalist?

Litha: A Sacred Ritual to Welcome Summer

ABOUT LITHA Litha, also known as Midsommar or Summer Solstice, is celebrated each June 20-22. Litha is the longest day (and shortest night) each year when the sun reaches it's highest point and begins to retreat in preparation for Autumn and Winter. Litha is beloved for embodying the warmth and joy of the season through … Continue reading Litha: A Sacred Ritual to Welcome Summer

Beltane: A Sacred Ritual to Embrace Growth and Development

ABOUT BELTANE Beltane, also known as May Day, is celebrated each May 1. Beltane embodies the peak of fertility season kicked off with Ostara, and embraces continued growth and development. Beltane leans toward partnerships through it's sexual undertones and community through it's public celebrations, such as dancing around the May Pole. While joining in a … Continue reading Beltane: A Sacred Ritual to Embrace Growth and Development

Ostara: A Sacred Ritual to Welcome Spring

ABOUT OSTARA Many of us know Ostara as the first day of Spring, Spring Solstice, or the Vernal Equinox. Whichever title you prefer, Ostara is a magical time ripe for setting intentions and planting seeds in all areas of our lives. While we often think of Ostara as March 20th, Ostara is celebrated across 4 … Continue reading Ostara: A Sacred Ritual to Welcome Spring

Am I Smudging Wrong? (No, You’re Not, but Here’s Some Tips.)

The part of herbalism that brings me the most joy is sharing what I know and helping others find their personal practices. A number of the questions people ask me revolve around smudging, how to do it, and what to use. Tools vary although the process is relatively similar, but the truth is, 90% of … Continue reading Am I Smudging Wrong? (No, You’re Not, but Here’s Some Tips.)

10 Tips for Exploring Herbalism

With a recent rise in popularity and mainstream acceptance, we hear more about herbalism now than ever before. While this is exciting and validating for us in the herbalism world, it can be intimidating for those who want to come play in our sandbox. Let me just say, the sandbox is plenty big for everyone … Continue reading 10 Tips for Exploring Herbalism

Routine or Ritual?

Ever since we started offering our Ritual Kits, I've been asked more questions about rituals than I thought was possible!  This is great and I love talking about all the ways we can connect to plant spirit energy.  One discussion I've been encountering centers around routines versus rituals.  Let's take a look at the difference, … Continue reading Routine or Ritual?