Summer 2017 Limited Batch Products Have Arrived!

Every season offers us something special.  This summer, wild roses (Rosa rugosa) have been calling out to us.  Their wonderful scent and gentle, loving energy makes them ideal for summer self-care. There's nothing quite like the scent of wild roses; light, fresh, uplifting. When this year's wild roses began to bloom and fill the air, … Continue reading Summer 2017 Limited Batch Products Have Arrived!

Product Spotlight: Everyday Smudge Spray

Nor'Eastern Herb Company’s signature Everyday Smudge Spray is a delicate blend of herbs and flowers to welcome new energy and promote positivity.  Ideal for your sacred space, yoga practice, divination work, meditation session, and throughout your home. Common Questions: Do you really make your products in small batches? Yes!  In fact, our Everyday Smudge Spray … Continue reading Product Spotlight: Everyday Smudge Spray