Herbal Mindfulness

Want to learn how to be mindful?

Curious how herbs can support your well being?

Ready to develop a new personal practice?

In this expansive course we will explore and engage the divine integration of energetic herbalism and mindfulness.

Herbal Mindfulness is an online, text based, self-paced course perfect for all skill levels and degrees of experience.  This comprehensive course is the only class known to fully integrate mindfulness with the energetics of herbalism.

Why unite mindfulness and herbalism?  As mindfulness asks us to come into our bodies in the moment, herbalism welcomes herbal allies into that moment to coach us, bring reassurance, and provide guidance.  Throughout this course as your personal mindfulness practices grow and become part of your development, the pieces of energetic herbalism will naturally follow suit. 

Just as your ability to be still and hear yourself deepens, so does your ability to hear what herbal allies have to say.  Both of these aspects encourage each other and will encourage further development and growth.  To focus on only mindfulness or herbalism is to miss the other half of this wonderful duo.

Herbal Mindfulness is a full mindfulness curriculum aligned with 39 herbal allies for those seeking to work with herbal energy and develop a meaningful mindfulness practice.

Herbal Mindfulness includes:

✔️ A complete mindfulness curriculum✔️ Activities
✔️ Integrated herbal ally profiles for 39 herbs✔️ Additional resources
✔️ 12 guided meditations✔️ An online community
✔️ Journaling prompts✔️ and much more!

What are Herbal Allies? Herbal allies are the plants, herbs, flowers, and trees that grow in gardens and run wild in fields and forests. Every one of these living beings has an energy, a personality, and an experience to share with us.

Throughout Herbal Mindfulness we will meet and engage with 39 Herbal Allie. Every ally has a profile that includes key correspondences, unique energetics, and an engaging expression for each herbal ally.  Each herbal ally has been intentionally aligned within the mindfulness practice for the purpose of enhancing your personal mindful practices and connection to the herbal ally’s energies and spirit.

Completion of this course will instill within you:

  • A deep understanding of mindfulness and strategies to implement mindfulness into your everyday life.
  • An energetic connection to 39 herbal allies to support your personal development.
  • A framework to continue to practice, develop, and deepen your personal energetic herbalism and mindfulness practices.

Recommended prerequisite:

What Students are Saying

I would recommend this course to the WORLD.
“Your course was such a fulfilling experience, opening many doors that were shut for me… I would recommend this course to the WORLD. If everyone took this course, there might be a shift in their thoughts and feel better about issues that they hadn’t addressed. It can be so personal but through the course, it is easier to share with others how many “tools” this course has to offer and wake some people up!” -Patti S.

This course really outlines and guides the meditations in each segment.
“My whole life I have struggled with the traditional way of mindfulness practices. This course really outlines and guides the meditations in each segment… I would recommend this course to someone who wanted to explore plants on a spiritual level while they are trying to find their own spiritual meanings.” -Student

I loved the individual profiles for the herbal allies in each section!
“Mindfulness is a subject I have been working with for years and am always looking for new ways to deepen my practice. The Herbal connection while having always been an interest has absorbed my more recent exploratory energies. And so when this course became available it was a natural and easy “Yes please!”. My journey in deepening my mindfulness practice is life long and I can see many of the tools learned here being carried along including the profound connection to our herbal allies. I intend to follow this path learning, growing, and truly embracing my connection with the natural world. I loved the individual profiles for the herbal allies in each section!” -Student

Curriculum Overview


Enrollment in Herbal Mindfulness is $349
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This is a one-time payment; no membership or renewals!

That’s $3.14 a lesson!
If we worked together privately, each lesson would be $49.
With 111 lessons, that makes private mentorship $5,439.

Common Questions – click to read

What experience do I need to have to take this course?

This course is ideal for absolute beginners through experienced practitioners.  No previous course or experience is necessary to get started, infact, this course is a great starting place to begin your journey with mindfulness and herbalism.  For those coming to this course with experience, the curriculum will offer new perspectives, exercises, and methods to expand and deepen your existing personal practices.

How long will it take to complete this course?

Your pace is entirely up to you and there is no reason to rush.  You have full access to this course and can move through the content when it’s right for you.

Do I get a certificate at the end?

Of course!  Your certificate of completion will be available in your student dashboard when you complete the course.

What is the format for this course?

This online version is a text-based course.  This format allows participants to move at their own pace and find a natural point to pause or complete prompts and exercises.  Any videos or audio files are supplemental and their full transcripts are included in the course.

Where does the course curriculum come from?

This curriculum is adapted from the Natura Training Institute Mindfulness Master Practitioner Course.  Kristen completed her training to teach mindfulness in May of 2019 with the Natura Training Institute and is a certified Mindfulness Master Practitioner.

Is mindfulness religious?

No, mindfulness and meditation are personal practices, not religious practices.

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Kristen Treacy | Nor’Eastern Herb Company, LLC

The instructor and author of this course is Kristen Treacy of Nor’Eastern Herb Company, LLC. Kristen is a herbalist, artist, certified Mindfulness Master Practitioner, and Reiki Practitioner/Teacher. 

With a focus on herbal allies and their energetic impact, Kristen strives to brew and blend items and tools to begin, develop, and enhance your divination, ritual, and personal practices. The author and instructor of the course Herbal Mindfulness, Kristen is a teacher at heart and is always learning for the purpose of connecting with others and passing on information that is integral to live a safe, happy, and healthy life.

In addition to her numerous mindfulness and spiritual credentials, Kristen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art and Art Education as well as a Masters Degree in Leadership and Nonprofit Management.

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