The Call of Cinnamon

I carved out some time tonight to do an Akashic Records meditation that @leylathehealer had offered. It was an incredible session with lots of tears and a strong physical confirmation of spirit for me that I know I’ll continue to feel the ripples of for some time to come.

When it finished, I felt very called to burn some Cinnamon. As an herbal ally, Cinnamon is sweet and comforting, often associated with holidays, celebration, and family. In magickal workings, Cinnamon energy welcomes psychic awareness, attunes to abundance, and grounds us in deep protection.

As a strong Aries, it makes sense that Cinnamon and I would have a relationship but I feel like tonight, Cinnamon was acting more as a maternal comforter. Aries also corresponds to the Tarot suit of Wands and the distinct wand shape of Cinnamon cannot be overlooked. I feel like Cinnamon is asking me to take a rest and process, knowing that I am cared for and watched over. The gentle smoke is my acknowledgement of this message and a full circle confirmation back to my guides that I have heard them and feel their presence all around.

Cinnamon correspondences:
Element : Fire
Zodiac : Aries
Planet : Sun
Gender : Masculine
Chakra : Root

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