Q&A: The Energetic Ally Machine – Everything you need to Know!

How did you make this?

On May 2, 2022 I put out a call for help. I offered a shop discount because I had an idea I wanted to bring to fruition for an event happening the following month. Through the support of some wonderful friends, I was able to purchase a vintage Northwestern capsule vending machine, capsules, and some craft supplies to make it all sparkle.

Tap here to watch the big reveal video!

What is an ‘energetic ally’?

Energetic Allies are living and made items that have an energetic correspondence. These energetic correspondences may include Zodiac signs, gender, numerology, color, element, planet, chakra, season, moon phase, month, etc… Additionally, energetic correspondences can also include verbs and adjectives such as cleansing, clearing, grounding, purifying, comforting, protecting, success, prosperity, healing, love, confidence, harmony, and many more.

Why did you make this?

I believe that just as much as we seek out support and affirmations, entities like herbs, flowers, crystals, and tarot cards seek us out too. Nearly all of us will experience a moment when something pops into our life just in the moment we most need it. Those moments can be incredibly affirming, comforting, motivating, validating, and fulfilling. The Energetic Ally Machine offers all of us a moment to connect with a herb, flower, crystal, or tarot card that has been seeking us out. In the moment when someone inserts their coins, grabs the handle, and takes a deep breath as they turn the knob, I know in my heart that magick is happening.

How does it work?

The Energetic Ally Machine is full of herbs, flowers, crystals, and tarot cards all waiting for their person to take a turn. When the moment is right, anyone can offer their coins to have an energetic ally aligned just to their energy emerge.

A turn of the knob and an energetic ally chooses you!

What’s in it?

Right now, the capsules contain a mix of 30 herbs, 15 crystals, and a full deck of 78 mini tarot cards.

How do I do it?

Insert 4 quarters all at once, 2 per side, and with a deep breath, turn the knob clockwise a full rotation. Open the vending door and a capsule just for you will gently fall into your hand. Feel the energy align when you open the capsule and revel which energetic ally has chosen you. Kindly return the capsule and keep both the ally and the insert card of correspondences.

Tap here to watch a video of the steps to spin.

How many times can I spin?

As many times as feels right!

How does it know?

It just… does! Every time the Energetic Ally Machine connects with crowds, countless participants report receiving an energetic ally that perfectly corresponds with their Zodiac sign, emotions they are navigating, and experiences they are journeying through, and so much more. We’ve even seen the Energetic Ally Machine connect someone with the same energetic ally 2 spins in a row! That is quite the marvel and a clear sign the energy is aligned and alive!

Where can I find it?

The Energetic Ally Machine travels to events all year long. Check out the Vending page to see where you can find it next!

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