Tools for herbaceous rituals and plant centered self care.

Nor’Eastern Herb Company believes in spiritually minded herbalism for all by offering small batch herbal products for body, mind, and spirit.  Made with organic, local, and home-grown herbal allies, every product we create is done in a manner to honor and respect each ingredient, herb, flower, plant, and oil that we use.  We are always mindful of the energies and spiritual significance of all our ingredients.  While you do not need to actively practice any specific form of spirituality to use our products, we do work to ensure that they enhance your connection to yourself and the world around you.

We welcome individuals of all abilities, races, faiths, sexual orientations, gender identities and family profiles.
We stand with Black Lives Matter and all those marginalized and abused by systemic racism.
We live, brew, and blend on stolen Wabanaki land.

Our signature items include Handmade Ritual Paper, Hand-Rolled Sabbat Incense Cones, anointing oils, ritual kits, herbal and flower bathing blends, scratch made soaps, organic face and body care items, herbal décor, divination and ritual tools, and so much more.

While our recipes and methods of production never change, natural and raw ingredients do vary from time to time.  This may present as a slight difference in appearance, smell, or taste but does not change the effectiveness, purpose, or intention of our products.  Rest assured we blend and brew our batches the same way every time and guarantee the quality of our products.

There are also ingredients we never use. For us, sustainability, harvesting practices, sourcing, and cultural significance are always considered. With this in mind, we never use essential oils, synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, dye, coloring, fillers, additive, metals, accelerants, White Sage, or Palo Santo. We always use plant-based milks ensuring all our bath and shower items are vegan and plants based combustables ensuring our incense are entirely plant-based.

Our products are made using flowers, herbs, roots, and all things from the Earth. All Nor’Eastern Herb Company products are made by hand in small batches in Londonderry, NH using non-GMO and organic ingredients when available.  We only test our products on friends and family and we do not sell anything we don’t use ourselves.

For answers to common questions, please visit our FAQ page.

Who We Are


Kristen is the herbalist, Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Mindfulness Master Practitioner, artist, and self-proclaimed witchy woman who first began Nor’Eastern Herb Company over dim-sum in 2016 and is the force behind everything we do.  She is constantly learning, blending formulas, and dreaming up new products.  Kristen strives to carefully blend and balance holistic health practices, spirituality, and modern life into all our of products and services.

Outside the kitchen and studio Kristen enjoys a variety of craft and art endeavors, antique hunting, and exploring New Hampshire.

Favorite product: Antheia Facial Cleanse


John is the pragmatic force behind our day-to-day operations.  He is responsible for all our shipping needs, supply orders, and inventory management.  John regularly assists with packaging products and testing out new items in the works in addition to helping write product descriptions and proofing our communications.

Outside the kitchen and studio John enjoys life as a writer working on both fiction and film projects.

Favorite product: Night Vision Lucid Dreaming Balm


Laurie is a master gardener who grows and harvests much of our fresh herbs and flowers.  With stunning plant identification skills and a innate ability to nurture, Laurie’s gardens are a wonderland of colors, scents, and growth.  With a lifetime of utilizing herbalism for the health and well-being of herself and her family, Laurie shares her experience and remedies for us all to learn from.

When not in her garden Laurie enjoys sewing, quilting, and other crafts.

Favorite product: Red Clay & Rose Bar Soap


Brandon is the craftsman behind our display and photography materials.  His carpentry talents and ability to take a big idea and make it something real are invaluable.  With self-taught skills, Brandon uses mostly reclaimed and recycled materials to build beautiful and sustainable photography sets and display pieces.

Outside of his workshop Brandon enjoys photography and antique hunting.

Favorite product: Reset Button