How to Set an Intention for Manifestation

Maybe you’re feeling stuck and need a new direction.
Maybe you’ve got some big goals but don’t know how to achieve them.
Maybe you’ve been so busy putting out fires that it’s hard to even think about what might be possible for yourself.

All of these situations can be remedied with one thing:

Intention setting!

How to set an intention for manifestation. Tips and tricks for successful intention setting.

No more lofty goals or half-hearted resolutions;
starting today we’re setting meaningful intentions that resonate into real results!

Setting an intention is like setting up a map for your life. You can have all the right directions and know exactly where you’re going, but without a map, it’s easy to get lost.

Setting an intention gives us direction and focus. It helps us to be clear about what we want in our lives so we can start moving towards those dreams and goals.

What is intention setting?

Have you ever struggled to reach a goal?

Intention setting is about getting clear on what matters most to you. It’s about identifying what it is you want and taking steps towards making it happen. Most importantly, intention setting helps us focus our energy on the right things so we can make meaningful changes in our lives.

Why set an intention?

Setting an intention is a powerful way to manifest what you want in your life.

It’s true that setting a goal or resolution is not enough to get what you want.

You have to take action, but sometimes it can feel like there are so many little steps between where you are and where you want to be that it can be hard to know where to start.

An intention is different from a wish, goal, or resolution because an intention gives us ownership of our desires through becoming an active part of the manifestation process along with putting into motion supportive energy with a clear focus.

What impact do intentions have?

The power of intention setting lies in its ability to align us with our highest selves and give us the clarity and motivation we need to create change in our lives. Setting intentions helps us tap into our inner wisdom by reminding us of what matters most—our hearts and our values—and provides a framework for turning those values into actionable steps towards our goals.

The key is knowing how to set an intention that resonates with your deepest desires.

Top 3 Reasons to Set Intentions

  1. You have a goal you want to achieve.
  2. You have a new direction you want to head in.
  3. You want to make a real, lasting change in your life.

Do any of these sound like you?
This course can help you turn your reasons into reality!

Course Overview

21 lessons to move from feeling the call to embracing the journey!

Feel the Call
Welcome | Why set an intention? | Intention or wishful thinking?
Chart the Course
What do you want? | Use Your Senses | Other People
Clear the Path
Alignment | Change in Mindset, Change in Belief | The What-Ifs
What do you believe about yourself? | Blocks and Challenges | Make Room
Walk Forward
Say what you mean, mean what you say; the words of a powerful intention.
Affirmations and Reinforcement | Do the hard work! | When Others are on a Similar Path
Embrace the Journey
Ownership | Keep the energy moving! | Putting it all Together
One Point to Remember | A Final Thought


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How to Set an Intention for Manifestation
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What experience do I need to take this course?

This course is ideal for absolute beginners through experienced manifestors. No previous course or experience is necessary to get started, in fact, this course is a great starting place to begin your journey with setting intentions.

How long will it take to complete this course?

How to Set an Intention for Manifestation is a self-paced course. This means there is no need to rush so that you can give yourself enough time to thoughtfully absorb and reflect on the material.

You will have full access to the online materials as soon as you enroll. Access never expires and you can come back to freshen up at any time. Just sign in through your Student Dashboard and jump back in where you left off.

What tools do I need?

Just you!

This course is focused on deepening your understanding and expanding your ability to set intentions that get results.

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Kristen Treacy | Nor’Eastern Herb Company, LLC

The instructor and author of this course is Kristen Treacy of Nor’Eastern Herb Company, LLC. Kristen is a herbalist, artist, intuitive, certified Mindfulness Master Practitioner, and Reiki Practitioner/Teacher. 

With a focus on herbal allies and their energetic impact, Kristen strives to brew and blend items and tools to begin, develop, and enhance your divination, ritual, and personal practices. The author and instructor of How to Set an Intention for Manifestation, Kristen is a teacher at heart and is always learning for the purpose of connecting with others and passing on information that is integral to live a safe, happy, and healthy life.

In addition to her numerous mindfulness and spiritual credentials, Kristen holds a Bachelors Degree in Studio Art and Art Education as well as a Masters Degree in Leadership and Nonprofit Management.

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