Why do I as an herbalist teach tarot?

It’s a good question! For me, the basis of my herbal practice has always focused on communing with herbs in ritual for personal development, energetic movement, and spiritual fulfillment. Often this takes the form of rituals or ceremonies that include herbs and flowers. For example I offer a variety of herbal blends for candle magick rituals as well as herbal infused energetic balms for ceremonial use, and so much more. But how does tarot fit in?

Tarot is an ideal tool for rituals, especially ones that focus on self care, personal development, and reflective healing. Tarot works with us to reflect on what we know, get in touch with our intuition, and move forward with confidence and purpose. A resonate tarot practice can be easily integrated into existing rituals or developed independently as a new outlet for needs and desires.

Tarot has been a transformational tool for me personally. Tarot came into my life during what I thought was a season of change but was only a preview of what was to come. Tarot helped me slow down, think through information, and connect deeply with my emotions. I developed a weekly ritual and found myself seeking Tarot when I felt unbalanced only to conclude my ritual feeling more grounded and clear-headed every time. Tarot has been a key component in my health and well-being and I feel everyone can embrace these benefits as well.

I’m excited to now be offering a new online course:
Tarot Basics & Beyond

This self-paced course brings together my much loved in-person tarot workshop series into an accessible format for everyone everywhere.

Enrollment is now open: noreasternherb.com/tarotbasics/

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