Washing Your Bum Is a Spiritual Practice

I know this is a touchy topic to tackle, but hear me out: our bums are always behind us, through thick and thin, but we rarely pay our bum any meaningful attention. Our bums cushion us when we sit, catch us when we fall, and fill out those sexy jeans we have. We look at the bare bums of babies as adorable chunky cheeks and stare at the bums of adults with a glimmer of lust in our eyes. Bums are everywhere, we all have one, and we should be taking care of them.

Just to be clear, when I talk about our bums, I’m referring to the fleshy part we sit on; the cheeks, if you will.

Bum Energy

If you are familiar with energy practices such as smoke cleansing or energy clearing, then you know how important it is to get into every nook and cranny in a space (more info on that here). Our body and personal energy is no different. When you move your personal energy to cleanse, clear, or clarify it’s easy to miss critical spots; the bottom of our feet, armpits, behind our knees, inside our elbows, back of our necks, and our bums. These are all areas where energy can hide or get stuck easily if we are not aware. This stagnant energy can make us feel heavy, slow, or any other draining sensations.

While a standard bath or shower covers washing most of this list (hopefully), paying extra attention to these areas will aid in encouraging energetic flow. The hurdle here is focusing on an area you can’t see, might have a hard time touching, and probably don’t want to spent too much time on; yup, your bum.

The energy that collects here becomes a cosmic tail on your bum. You carry it without knowing but feeling the weight. Imagine shedding this psychic tail and having a fresh surface to welcome new energy.

Bum Chakra

Okay, so you don’t have an actual bum chakra but it could be argued the Root Chakra is the nearest neighbor. Our Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine (bum adjacent) and corresponds with our basic needs, security, fears, safety, and relationship to the world around us. This energy center is where our feelings of stability reside, allowing us the foundation for all we do day in and day out. Any surplus, deficit, or stagnant energy throws us off balance and cracks our foundation.

Letting Go

Without getting into the details, our bums also represent the area of our bodies most associated with elimination, purging, and release. So much of trendy spirituality focuses on manifesting and drawing energy towards us but we must also remember to balance that with release and letting go. We all have capacity limits, whether they be emotional, mental, or how much we physically consume. We also have spiritual capacity and the inherent need for balance.

Nourishing the parts of your body and self that let go and make room is to encourage the flow of energy and engage in welcoming the future as we release the past. Thank your bum for supporting you, cushioning you, and aiding in the cosmic flow of your bodily energy.


We have specialized products for our faces, hair, feet, and all over body but a few years back there was a social media blip where bum masks were viral for a second. Much like face masks from the drug store, these bum masks were sheet masks meaning they consisted of a fabric saturated with a topical product. You simply opened the package, unfolded the sheet, dropped your pants, and applied. That’s well and good but likely not for every day or every one. Instead I offer you this: a daily ritual of bum care.

Your Bum Ritual

So, how should you care for your bum? Wash it with attention and intention. This is an easy practice that you can do privately and to what extent you are most comfortable with. When we shower or take a bath, most of us are on auto pilot. We jump in, go through the routine, rinse off, and are on to the next thing. Next time you take a shower, slow down, just a bit. Take a moment, pick your favorite products, and show your bum a little love.

What should you use? Start with the products you use on your face. Chances are what you are already using to clean your face is gentle and will not irritate other areas of your body. Whether you utilize a face wash or body scrub, gently cleanse and refresh your bum and it’s delicate skin. You skin will be healthier, your body will respond to the gentle motions of cleaning, and your energy will respond to the care, intention, and attention.

Loving Your Body

Each time we shower we clean our bodies. Whether we use a poof, washcloth, or a bar of soap as our hands move our body and wash away the physical and energetic dirt and grime. We carry the weight of every day on our shoulders and within our bodies. Taking a few minutes to shower slowly, letting the water flow over you, can truly change your outlook, your mood, and your energy.

I have personally found power in showering with intention and paying attention to my body. A rushed shower might get the job done but the showers when I deep clean my scalp, massage my belly, pumice my feet, and use facial or body scrub on my bum are the showers that refresh my body and energy. When I love myself, the universe loves me.

Taking Care

If we are to truly love ourselves, we cannot be afraid or adverse to our physical vessels, bums included. While it may seem silly or awkward at first, showing your bum a little love via some soapy shower time is a wonderful personal practice to include in your daily life. Your energy will move freely and your skin will glow but most importantly, you will be more in tune with your body and yourself, the most spiritual act of all.

With care, Kristen

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