Reflections on the Close of Spooky Season

The whole of October feels like an energetic build to Halloween and Samhain. The culmination of spooky season boils over on the last night of the month and all that we have been pushing forward finally takes off. The overnight hours into November are often sleepless with the moans and groans of our home as cold nights come in and we recalibrate to the incoming Winter weather.

When the now sleepy sun rises, the Halloween hangover barrels in, brining a solemn emptiness. We begin to release our ancestral altars, seasonal decor, and quiet chatter with spirit. While some may say the veil begins to grow thick again, I disagree.

The veil never thins nor thickens; it simply only needs to be swept back with an open heart, clear mind, and extended hand. The ancestors are still close, our loved ones continue to walk with us.

Looking ahead to the high holiday season we often drift in our minds back to those no longer with us.

I offer you this: instead of Samhain being the closing of spirit connections, allow it to be the opening of familial energy comforting us with companionship through Winter’s darkest coldest night. Sense the people and pets who have crossed over cuddling us close, wiping our tears as we remember their physical touch. Know deeply our love does not go with them but remains in our hearts, open and available at all times. Embrace a new season of rest, still hearing distant voices with their words of encouragement and support.

No this is not the end of our season of connected energy, it is only the beginning.

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