A Love Letter to my Fellow Makers, Artists, and Business Owners

Dear friend,

I know we’ve only ‘met’ online, but your friendship and support in navigating the world of being a small business owner has been invaluable and has brought me so much joy.

The pandemic threw us for a loop, there is no doubt there. Thankfully, we were able to pivot, recalibrate, and talk about our work in a whole new light. People saw us be more personal and I deeply believe connected with us first and then our businesses second. It was a scary time but I could not be more proud that we truly gave it all we had and pushed through 2020.

We saw a movement towards supporting small business and people over corporations and thankfully we found ourselves thriving. It has been a joy to see you launch that new website, introduce that new line of items, and share your creative process with the world.

This year, on the other hand, has brought on a whole new set of challenges. It’s been tough. I know you’re feeling beat up, frustrated, and a little lost; I am too. As the pandemic has taken a turn and we are seeing physical stores reopen, people go back into their jobs, and kids return to school, and it is hard to see ourselves and our digital entrepreneurship be part of that landscape.

I can’t ever thank you enough for the times you shared in my success, commiserated in my challenges, and validated my emotions at every step. I know it’s not easy to support others when you also need support but I think our willingness to share and be open has helped us both.

I know you feel like you’re starting over and the thought of giving it up has crossed your mind but I feel like this is a year for us to plant new seeds. It’s a lot of hard work and can feel like not a lot of progress but no flower blooms the day the seed is planted. I think if we can keep planting our seeds, continue to recalibrate with the weather, and keep our goals in our hearts then the sprouts will emerge and we will be ankle deep in the most beautiful flowers we could imagine.

With a big, herbaceous internet hug,

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