Hot Take: The Mass-Marketing of Spirituality

🔥HOT TAKE: I’m okay with this.🔥

I popped into a national retailer this weekend and was immediately drawn to their manifestation display. A shiny crystal and moon adorned journal will always catch my attention, so, I walked over to see what was available. I was glad to see affordable items focused on manifesting, setting intentions, and divination. While I was not pleased to see some of the specific items for sale and some of the specific wording being used to sell them, I understand why others are being drawn to these products.

When I was first starting to explore my own spirituality and personal beliefs, this display was exactly the accessibility I needed and that was not available. I couldn’t flip through magick books, peruse local crystals, or find the perfect tarot deck in person. In my mid-twenties, the one shop I knew of for “that kind of thing” was lovely but I never wanted anyone to see me go there. The secrecy, embarrassment, and shame kept me from developing my sense of self and digging in to what my life was, is, and could be.

No, I do not support the sale of threatened plants, the exploitation of cultural practices, or the reinforcement of stereotypes, biases, and abusive labor practices. These things are prevalent largely because those new to this work simply have yet to learn about these aspects. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves in regard to the practices we embrace, the tools we utilize, and the language we choose to designate, write, and speak.

Yes, this display is far from perfect; however, instead of looking down on those who are finding value in these types of displays and items, I ask you to reflect on what they may be feeling or experiencing. The shame and secrecy all of us have felt when embracing our spirituality and beginning a healing journey is undeniable. We didn’t know what our friends would think, if our coworkers would see us as weird, or if our family would be supportive. Imagine how that could have been softened if crystals, tarot cards, and even intention setting journals were a common occurrence and readily available. Many of us might have started earlier, felt less shame, or been less apprehensive to explore.

So I say we embrace the mass-marketing of these items, simply and precisely as the door to bring others into a space of discovery and healing. Share your own journey, educate when questions arise, and find ways to support others as they discover their own path. 💕

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