Seasonal Items Announcement!

Hi there, Kristen here with an update about our products for 2018:

As you may know, on each Solstice in 2017, we debuted 3 seasonal items.  Each item was made with seasonally available herbs (many wild foraged) and in a very small quantities.  When these items sold out, they were gone for good.  Many of you love this format (as do I) and very much look forward to what will be available each season.  This isn’t going away; we’re adding to it!

Summer 2017

For 2018, the format for our Solstice updates will have a new twist.  There will still be new, seasonal items but instead of going away, many will become main-stays.  For example, (spoiler alert!) we will now have a healing body butter added to our items.  The twist is that for each season, there will be a new herb and flower profile to reflect that season.  The Spring edition will debut on the Spring Solstice but will be available all year long.  Subsequent seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter) will also have a body butter but it will not be available until that seasons Solstice.  This means over the course of 2018 we will be adding 4 new healing body butters to the shop (which is super exciting)!

Each season will also bring a curated bundle that includes the seasonal items, some of our customer favorite items, and new items for home, altar, and your sacred space.  We’re excited to include more decorative, spiritual, and art-based items as we feel they help us to reflect on and appreciate the natural world around us.  Bundles will also include ‘special editions’ of some main-stay items such as, (another spoiler alert!), our favorite bars of soap imbedded with bundle-exclusive healing crystals!  These exciting ‘special editions’ make our seasonal bundles extra special.

Our first batch of 2018 Solstice goodies will be available on the Spring Solstice, Tuesday March 20th!

If you have any questions, please reach out!  You can email (, like N’EHC on Facebook, or follow N’EHC on Instagram.

Thank you for all your continued support and patronage!  With love and light, Kristen

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