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Crafted in ritual for an herbally allied energetic shift, each Epoch Ritual Candle • New Moon Manifest has been cleansed, anointed with an infused ritual oil, and dressed with herbal allies.

Epoch: ep·​och |  noun  :  a period of great transformation in one’s life.

In ceremony the eve before the New Moon is to commence: Remove the protective covering and ribbon to wake up your candle from its slumber. Hold the candle with both hands and gently speak your intention into the candle while also expressing your gratitude for the energetic support and assistance in this exchange. You may also utilize the affirmation: For the highest possible good and with harm to none, I welcome all energy that brings forward joy, health, and happiness knowing that I am worthy and deserving of all that I truly desire. When the moment arrives, trim the wick to ¼” and gently light your candle. Allow it to burn completely in a safe space. Take small moments to check in and commune with your candle during the burn. Feel the energetic shift and work to shepherd the energy as you desire. When the burn is complete take time to examine the glass and wax remnants, if any. Notice any symbols, forms, or figures that may appear and allow your intuition to communicate their messages. When the time is right, dispose of the candle remnants safely, appropriately, and ethically.

Anointed with New Moon Oil and adorned with Herbal Allies of: Angelica, Hibiscus, Lavender, Red Clover, and Rose Petals.

Burn safely with love and care.

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