Cauldron Cleanse Herbaceous Black Salt


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2021 Samhain Collection
A curious collection of seasonal specialties to delight and fright.
All new items in limited quantities to celebrate the season.

Sprinkle on floors, windowsills, thresholds, and around your home and sacred space to absorb what no longer serves and clear the energetic path forward. When the time is right, gently sweep Cauldron Cleanse into a pile and release outside of your home, feeling the energetic shift and welcoming new loving energy.

Suggested Use:

Home Cleanse – gently sprinkle Cauldron Cleanse Herbaceous Black Salt on the floor around the perimeter of your home while holding the intention to absorb what no longer serves you or your home. Once you have felt the energy shift, immediately sweep or vacuum the Cauldron Cleanse Herbaceous Black Salt and dispose of it properly outdoors to remove and expel what the salt has absorbed. This method can also be utilized on your altar, window sills, and across doorways and thresholds.

Cauldron Cleanse Herbaceous Black Salt contains charcoal blackened sea salt with an organic, home-grown, and wild foraged herbal blend of Cedar, Clove, Goldenrod, Juniper, Lemon Grass, Rosemary, and Thyme.

Each jar includes a 3 inch wooden salt spoon. Glass container details: 2.16” diameter x 2.72” height, 1.50” opening, 3.4oz capacity, cork closure.

Listing is for 1 glass container of Cauldron Cleanse Herbaceous Black Salt with a wooden salt spoon.

Ritual use only, do not consume.


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