Product Spotlight: Smudging Incense

Nor’Eastern Herb Company’s Smudging Incense is a cleansing blend of herbs and flowers to release negativity and welcome love and light.  Ideal for your sacred space, yoga practice, divination work, meditation session, and throughout your home.  This loose blend of herbs and flowers is handmade in small batches and is often made to order.

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Common Questions:

  • How do I use loose incense?
    • Loose incense are typically burned on charcoal disks but can also be used as potpourri, added to candles, steeped in baths, placed in sachets, and sprinkled in camp fires.  When burning indoors, always use a heat safe vessel.  More incense creates more smoke so be sure to have ventilation options available.

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What makes our Smudging Incense special:

  • Rosemary – Known to have been burned in temples by the ancient Greeks as an offering to the goddesses and gods, Rosemary has so much to offer energetically.  Protective, purifying, and love-promoting, Rosemary emanates a calm energy that can also promote healthy sleep, ward off nightmares, and rejuvenate the mind.
  • White Sage – Used for thousands of years by the Greeks, Romans, and Native people of North America, White Sage is widely accepted as being exceptional at clearing negativity, evening out unbalanced energy, purifying any space and cleansing personal auras.  Recent studies have shown that burning White Sage emits negative ions and can kill airborne bacteria the same way an antiseptic would.
  • French Lavender – Highly aromatic and brightly colored, French Lavender is a wonderful addition to smudging and cleansing.  Widely used to calm, relieve stress, and induce sleep, French Lavender is also ideal for energetic purification and protection in addition to positively influencing love, health, and happiness in rituals.
  • Rose Petals – Always symbolic of love and passion, Rose Petals hold compassionate, loving, accepting energy.  In addition to their encouraging healing energy, Rose Petals also promote good fortune and luck.  Rose Petals help to fill in the space left when we release negativity so that negativity does not have space to return.
  • Palo Santo – Known as the Holy Tree of South America, Palo Santo has been used for thousands of years dating back to the Inca population.  Palo Santo is traditionally used in ceremonies and healing rituals by Shamans and Healers to remove negative energy and ensure protection of personal energy.
  • Oregano – Oregano just may be our strongest plant ally when it comes to shielding our homes from negative energy.  Oregano’s protective energies create a strong barrier to repel and deflect negativity while also encouraging harmony and peace.  Oregano supports growth, love, and happiness making it ideal for our homes and sacred spaces.
  • Basil – Protective and banishing, Basil gently moves energy so that happiness and love can flourish.  Basil is a guardian of families, promoting empathy and ensuring relationships are healthy and friction between people is resolved with respect.  Known to be used in luck and wealth rituals, Basil is also highly regarded as opening us to luck and prosperity.

All together this blend of flowers and herbs dispels negative energy, promotes healing, welcomes love, and creates a barrier to prevent negativity from returning.  Burn when your space needs cleansing or use everyday to maintain positive, light energy all around you.

Smudging Incense is available for purchase in our shop.

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