Scrying Mirror • Handmade and Herbal Embedded


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Herbalism, art, and divination unite in the form of new individually crafted herbal embedded and energetically imbued scrying mirrors. Hand crafted under the March 2021 Libra Full Moon, this scrying mirror is a wonderful tool to begin, develop, and enhance your divination, ritual, and personal practices. This herbal scrying mirror is one of a kind and created for the highest possible good.

Beneath the black surface, this handmade scrying mirror has been embedded with energetic and herbaceous allies to ensure your energetic experience. These allies include:

  • Black salt to cast protection and ward against negative influences.
  • Eggshells to ensure a productive barrier between the worlds.
  • A blend of 7 herbal allies curated to open energetic byways and welcome divine messaging while maintaining boundaries.

Sealing in this blend of allies is an energetic layer of protective white coating to seal in positive white light energy and reflect away dark, draining energy.

Every scrying mirror is handmade and incased in an antique or vintage frame.


  • Full frame – 5″ x 7″
  • Exposed mirror – 4½” x 6½”
  • Finish – gloss, reflective

Frame details: Vintage metal frame, silver finish, front leaf detail in corners, decorative etched vine edging, flat/non-standing back.

Nor’Eastern Herb Company’s collection of handmade herbal scrying mirrors are individually crafted and are available in a range of sizes, frames, and finishes.

Common Questions about Scrying

What is scrying?

Scrying is a practice of gazing into a surface in meditation or trance with the purpose of clarifying thoughts and receiving divine messaging. This visual experience goes beyond what our physical eyes perceive and engages with our energetic eyes to receive visions, information, and messages. Like all divination practices, scrying is learned and developed and is wonderful to incorporate into personal rituals and rites.

What is a scrying mirror?

A scrying mirror is a black reflective surface utilized as an energetic and visual focal point.

How do I start scrying?

Like all personal practices, your individual process will develop over time. When initially beginning a scrying practice, consider the following steps:

    • Create or cast a sacred space in which you will engage your scrying mirror.
    • Using smoke, sound, or energetic tools, gently cleanse yourself and your mirror.
    • Settle into your space with your mirror and take a few deep breaths to center and ground yourself.
    • Soften your gaze and focus your vision unto your scrying mirror. Resist the urge to look away to try to focus your eyes. Allow yourself to naturally shift into a meditative or trance state.
    • Be open to any visual, auditory, or energetic information you may receive. Keep a journal or pen and paper close by to make notes when you conclude your session.
    • When your session is complete, express gratitude for what your scrying mirror brought into your space and consciousness. Close the energy and tidy your space as you see fit.
    • Store your scrying mirror in a safe space, whether that be in your sacred space, on an altar, or tucked away when not in use. Placing dried flowers, especially roses, is a wonderful way to thank your scrying mirror and reinforce loving, productive exchanges.


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