Ancestor Offering Herbal Ally Sachet


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Across cultures and time, our ancestors are honored through herbs, fruit, and gifts to aid in their spirit journey while still remaining connected to ours. With an aroma of traditional offerings of fruited sangria and spices, the Ancestor Offering Herbal Ally Sachet facilitates a loving connection to those we love across time and space.

Ideal for altars, ceremonies, and remembrances, Ancestor Offering Herbal Ally Sachet opens our hearts to remembering those we’ve lost and honors the connections that transcend time.

As a simmer pot, add herbal contents from sachet to 6 Cups of clear water and slowly simmer on the stove top, releasing the energy and scent and drawing in ancestral connections. Do not include the tumbled Obsidian piece in your simmer pot. Add more water as desired or needed. Dispose of remnants respectfully and appropriately.

Ancestor Offering Herbal Ally Sachet 11 ally blend includes an organic, conventional, and home grown array of Bay, Marigold, Mugwort, Orange slices, Rose, Rosemary, and Star Anise as well as a tumbled Obsidian piece.

Ritual use only, do not consume.

Listing is for 1 Ancestor offering blend herbal sachet.


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