Yuletide Incense Sticks


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Every Yuletide Incense Stick has been rolled by hand and embedded with a seasonal herbal ally blend:

  • Bay in celebration and honor of the darkest night before the light returns.
  • Cinnamon to welcome good fortune in the coming new year.
  • Clove as a strengthener and bringer of luck and prosperity.
  • Marjoram to embrace the joy of holiday festivities.
  • Peppermint as a reminder of home, place, and happiness.
  • Rosemary for remembrance and familial connections.
  • Thyme to embolden us with courage through Winter’s dark nights.

Always burn responsibly in a heat-safe vessel and never leave unattended. Each stick has been hand-rolled with herbal allies and may differ slightly.

Yule Incense Sticks are purchased individually; listing is for 1 Yultide Incense Stick.


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