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Why 3?  |  3 is the smallest number that can create a pattern. 3 represents our first opportunity to set a series of events in motion through our attention and intention.

The Rule of 3  |  If you look closely at advertising and media, you’ll often find groups of 3 when it comes to words, images, and examples. Science has found that groups of 3 are not only visually appealing but are more likely to be remembered and retained. Our brain is wired to connect with 3 and it resonates deeply within our being.

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Everything that comes in threes is perfect,
every set of three is complete.

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Recommended materials to complete this ritual include: Smokeless energy or room spray (recommended item: Everyday Smudge Spray), Selenite wand, altar cloth, Rose of Jericho, various herbal allies, crystal allies (recommended: clear, smokey and rose quartz), 3 white candles, anointing oil (recommended item: Alchemy Oil), water safe dish or bowl, distilled water, plate for rolling herbs, cotton cloth or paper towels, heat safe surface or vessel appropriate for safely burning candles, and dedicated time and space that you will be undisturbed.

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