Triplicate Intention Ritual Book


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Looking to begin to enhance your personal ritual practices? Feeling drawn to explore the power of 3? Curious how you can utilize your personal energy?

The Triplicate Intention Ritual provides guidance for your most potent ritual experience by leading you through opening and closing energy, setting intentions, creating your altar, blending herbal blends, dressing candles, connecting with crystals, exploring elements of riutals, and more for engaging in your most potent ritual possible.

The Triplicate Intention Ritual has been intuitively written by Kristen Treacy as a tool for beginners and advanced practitions alike who are looking to build, expand, or explore their personal practice.

OMNE TRIUM PERFECTIM | Everything that comes in threes is perfect, every set of three is complete.

69 pages, 6 x 0.16 x 9 inches, ISBN: 978-8503948103


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