Thalassa Salt • Wild Foraged Sea Salt with Herbal Allies


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Named for Thalassa, Primordial Goddess of the Sea, Thalassa Salt embodies the spirit of the ocean and invites us to find calm and balance in the waves of life’s tides. Collected from ocean water during the 2021 Litha Summer Solstice high tide in Rye, NH, this wild foraged and handcrafted sea salt is as close to the ocean as you can get.

Sea Salt Correspondences: prosperity, protection, cleansing, draw out impurities, create barriers, & absorb and repel negative energy and entities.

Includes ethically foraged Beach Pea, Beach Rose, Mugwort, Mullein, Multiflora Rose, St. John’s Wort, & Yarrow from the shoreline of Rye, NH on the 2021 Summer Solstice.

Uses: rituals, offerings, spells, bottles, sachets, talismans, charms, cleaning & sweeping, circle casting, and more!

Each jar includes a 3 inch wooden salt spoon. Glass container details: 2.16” diameter x 2.72” height, 1.50” opening, 3.4oz capacity, cork closure.

Listing is for 1 glass container of Wild Foraged Herbal Ally Salt with wooden salt spoon.

Ritual use only, do not consume.


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