Rose of Jericho


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Dull, brown, and seemingly dead in appearance, Rose of Jericho blooms back to life once placed in a dish of distilled water. Rose of Jericho reminds us that we are resilient and regardless of our current state, there is the promise of new opportunity and a new chapter if we nourish ourselves.

To welcome renewed life and vitality into your space gently hold the Rose of Jericho in your hands and take a few deep breaths. Feel the potential that lives inside the Rose of Jericho and ask it to bring forward a new beginning.

Gently place Rose of Jericho into a water safe dish or bowl. If using a dish, place the Rose of Jericho into no less than 1 inch of distilled water. As the Rose of Jericho opens,
more water may need to be added to the dish.

If using a bowl, ensure the bowl is large enough so the fully opened Rose of Jericho can remain completely submerged in distilled water at all times; a glass mixing bowl is a nice fit as it allows you to see the full Rose of Jericho while submerged.

Rose of Jericho can take up to 6 hours to fully open and can remain open when distilled water is replaced every 2-3 days and any debris is removed from the dish or bowl.

To close Rose of Jericho, gently remove it from the water. Holding it in your hands, take a few breaths and thank Rose of Jericho for the transition it has aided and
the support it has brought forth. Place Rose of Jericho root side down on a paper towel or cloth towel out of direct sunlight. Over the course of up to 3 days Rose of Jericho will fully return to its previous slumber state.

To wake Rose of Jericho again, follow previous steps.

Rose of Jericho can be opened and closed multiple times a year on significant dates or when it’s energy can be most utilized.

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