Mini Ritual Set




Herbal Ally Blends have been paired with a corresponding color candle and matched with an herbal infused anointing oil for a perfectly potent candle ritual.

Set your intention as you gently rub oil on to the candle. After spreading herbs on to a plate or dish, speak your intention and welcome the energy of the herbal allies. Rolled your candle in the Herbal Ally Blend (towards you to draw in energy, away from you to release energy) as you open your heart and quiet your mind. Now dressed and imbued with your energy, set your candle into a safe space to burn and unlock the power of your intention.

Always burn candles on heat safe surfaces and never leave to burn unattended.

Each Mini Ritual Set includes:

  • Herbal Ally Blend
  • Corresponding color candle
  • ½ dram dropper of herbal infused anointing oil (grapeseed oil infused with Lavender, Rosemary, Bay, Frankincense, Peppermint, Sage, and St. J’s Wort.)

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Blue • Move Forward, Green • Clear Path, Pink • Heart Mend, Purple • Energy Abounds, Red • Feelin' It, Yellow • I'm Worthy


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