Milk & Roses Fizzy Bath Salt




Sensual and sweet with a creamy twist, this fizzy bath salt is an indulgent treat for for your skin.

Why a milk bath?  Milk contains lactic acid which helps break the grip dead skin has on the surface of your body so it can be washed away.  Ideal for even the most sensitive skin, milk baths are possibly the most gentle way to exfoliate skin because they do not require any rubbing or abrasive scrubs to reveal beautiful, radiant skin.  The natural fats and proteins in milk help to absorb and hold on to moisture keeping all your curves soft and supple.  No wonder Cleopatra famously bathed in milk regularly!

Rose Correspondences:
Alchemy water symbol.svgWater    VenusVenus    TaurusTaurus    VenusFeminine

Rose is also featured as an herbal ally in the online course Herbal Mindfulness.

Milk & Roses Fizzy Bath Salt contains epsom salt, organic powdered coconut milk, baking soda, organic rose water, organic citric acid, and organic rose buds and petals.

To use, add desired amount to warm clean bath water or to a foot soak. Relax and Enjoy. Always remove rose buds and petals prior to draining water.

Milk & Roses Fizzy Bath Salt does not contain any essential oils or fragrance. The natural aroma is purely that of the organic coconut milk and organic rose water.

Available in 4 or 8 oz. resealable bag.

External use only, do not ingest. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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4 oz., 8 oz.


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