Divination Tower


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Nor’Eastern Herb Company’s Divination Tower is a one of a kind curated collection of divination practices and spiritual tools to advance and expand your divination and spirituality practices all in one complete collection.

Ideal for all herbalists, witches, practitioners of divination, energy workers, and everyone embracing their spirituality. Nor’Eastern Herb Company’s Divination Tower is a wonderful way to begin your journey, expand your practice, or share divine energy.

Divination Tower includes:

  • Vintage wooden tower of drawers
  • Copper plated brass pendulum
  • Pendulum board altar cloth, 100% cotton – 24″x24″
  • Black Obsidian stretch bracelet
  • Wood Rune set in green bag
  • Tiny Universal Waite Tarot Deck in keychain case
  • Selenite palm stone – 2″
  • Quartz crystal sphere (40mm) with clear stand
  • Copper offering bowl – 2″
  • Brass bell – 2″
  • Mini triple moon journal on a key chain – 1¾”x2″
  • Nor’Eastern Herb Company’s handmade Herbal Scrying Mirror

Listing is for 1 Divination Tower; vintage wooden tower of drawers with full contents as listed above and pictured. All items included are new aside from the cabinet. This is an original collection that will never be duplicated.


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