DEADBOLT | Protective Boundary Rudiment


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Rudiment: ru·di·ment (rüd-ə-mənt)  :  The beginning or basis; foundational basics.

Establish energetic boundaries and provide a protective barrier in, outside, and around your home.

Herbaceously aligned for the highest good.

Sprinkle on thresholds, under doormats, across windowsills, and around the interior and exterior of your home to establish and maintain strong, protective energetic boundaries.

When the time is right, gently sweep DEADBOLT into a pile and release outside of your home. DEADBOLT can also be left in place to naturally dissipate on its own as time calls.

DEADBOLT contains all organic sea salt, hand ground eggshells, and an herbaceous blend of Yarrow, Clove, and Rosemary.

Glass container details: 3.26” height, 2oz capacity, black plastic shaker top.

Listing is for 1 glass container of DEADBOLT.

2oz. by volume, 65g. (2.3oz.) by weight.

Ritual use only, do not consume.


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