Exploring Mindfulness

Are you interested in establishing a mindfulness practice but not sure where to start?

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In Exploring Mindfulness we will walk through the mystery of mindfulness and learn ways to integrate mindfulness practices into your every day self-care. Exploring Mindfulness demystifies mindfulness and provides a full picture of what mindfulness is, why it is important, and how you can tap into its power. Through exercises and activities, you will discover ways to incorporate easy, manageable mindfulness practices into every day.

Exploring Mindfulness is perfect for beginners and those who are newly developing a mindfulness practice.

Throughout this course, we will cover:

  • An overview of what is mindfulness
  • The basics of mindfulness
  • Mindfulness practices and exercises
  • Integrating mindfulness into your every day
  • Using mindfulness for self-care

This course includes:

✔️ A beginner-friendly mindfulness curriculum✔️ Activities
✔️ A complete companion workbook✔️ Additional resources
✔️ Journaling and reflection prompts✔️ and much more!

Completion of this course will instill within you:

  • An understanding of mindfulness and strategies to implement mindfulness into your everyday life.
  • Tools and exercises to develop and grow your self-care rituals and routines.
  • A framework to continue to practice, develop, and deepen your personal mindfulness practices.

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Curriculum OVerview

  • Welcome & Overview
    2 lessons

  • What Is Mindfulness
    9 lessons

  • Mindfulness Basics
    7 lessons

  • Mindful Practices & Exercises
    8 lessons

  • Challenges & Strategies
    4 lessons

  • Mindfulness & Self-Care
    10 lessons

  • Wrapping Up
    2 lessons

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Common Questions

What experience do I need to have to take this course?

None! Exploring Mindfulness is perfect for beginners and those who are newly developing a mindfulness practice.

If you have experience with mindfulness, Exploring Mindfulness is a wonderful way to dig deeper and learn the methodology of mindfulness while expanding your personal practices.

All levels are welcome!

How long will it take to complete this course?

Your pace is entirely up to you and there is no reason to rush.  You have full access to this course and can move through the content when it’s right for you.

Do I get a certificate at the end?

Of course!  Your certificate of completion will be available in your student dashboard when you complete the course.

What is the format for this course?

This is an online, text-based course.  This format allows participants to move at their own pace and find a natural point to pause or complete prompts and exercises.

Where does the course curriculum come from?

This curriculum is adapted from the Natura Training Institute Mindfulness Master Practitioner Course.  Kristen completed her training to teach mindfulness in May of 2019 with the Natura Training Institute and is a certified Mindfulness Master Practitioner.

Is mindfulness religious?

No, mindfulness and meditation are personal practices, not religious practices.

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<strong>Kristen Treacy | </strong><em>Nor'Eastern Herb Company, LLC</em>
Kristen Treacy | Nor’Eastern Herb Company, LLC

The instructor and author of this course is Kristen Treacy of Nor’Eastern Herb Company, LLC. Kristen is a herbalist, artist, Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, and certified Mindfulness Master Practitioner.  With a focus on herbal allies and their energetic impact, Kristen strives to brew and blend items and tools to begin, develop, and enhance your divination, ritual, and personal practices. The author and instructor of the course Exploring Mindfulness, Kristen is a teacher at heart and is always learning for the purpose of connecting with others and passing on information that is integral to live a safe, happy, and healthy life.  In addition to her numerous mindfulness and spiritual credentials, Kristen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art and Art Education as well as a Masters Degree in Leadership and Nonprofit Management.

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