It’s Okay: 10 Permissions for the Herbal Minded

As people who identify as herbalists, herbal minded, gardeners, etc., we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to align with what we see as the acceptable version of our role. Many of us look at community leaders (i.e. people with huge IG followings) as role models and to inspire our own journeys. Just like … Continue reading It’s Okay: 10 Permissions for the Herbal Minded

Foraging & Harvesting Guidelines

A few weeks back I posted a brief video on Instagram regarding some upsetting things I had started to see on social media (watch the full video below). At the time, I felt a bit overwhelmed seeing posts asking questions like 'what should I do with this herb I just picked'. This really struck me … Continue reading Foraging & Harvesting Guidelines

Why am I attracted to a certain herb/flower?

Now that the earth is thawing, Spring is starting to poke through the ground, and the snowbanks have disappeared, many of us are eager to get outside, into our gardens, or just open the windows again.  With new plant life beginning to take form, you may find yourself thinking more about plants, herbs, and flowers. … Continue reading Why am I attracted to a certain herb/flower?

The Energy and Spirit of Burdock

Last fall I visited my friend Kate's house in Southern Maine for a gathering of strong women to observe the change of the seasons.  In addition to our festive activities, we ventured outside for a photoshoot among the New England Autumn colors.  Kate lives in a historic and well known house that just happens to … Continue reading The Energy and Spirit of Burdock

Annual or Perennial?

With Spring in full swing, it’s time for us to get back out into our gardens!  Whether your garden is on your property, in a community garden space, in pots on your porch, or in containers on your windowsill, it’s important to know what your plant is going to do over the season.  One of … Continue reading Annual or Perennial?