10 Tips for Exploring Herbalism

With a recent rise in popularity and mainstream acceptance, we hear more about herbalism now than ever before. While this is exciting and validating for us in the herbalism world, it can be intimidating for those who want to come play in our sandbox. Let me just say, the sandbox is plenty big for everyone … Continue reading 10 Tips for Exploring Herbalism

Routine or Ritual?

Ever since we started offering our Ritual Kits, I've been asked more questions about rituals than I thought was possible!  This is great and I love talking about all the ways we can connect to plant spirit energy.  One discussion I've been encountering centers around routines versus rituals.  Let's take a look at the difference, … Continue reading Routine or Ritual?

Grinding resin (and my patience).

You already know that all the incense Nor'Eastern Herb Company, LLC sells is blended, mixed, and rolled into cones by hand.  What you might not know is the herbs and resins used in every incense cone must be ground into powder so the cones have a smooth, even burn.  Very few herbs are available powered … Continue reading Grinding resin (and my patience).

Summer 2018 Items Have Arrived!

🌞 Joyous Summer Solstice 🌞 ✨ Summer 2018 items have arrived! ✨ We’re beyond excited to share 5 new items with you: 🌼 Body Butter • Summer 🌿 Wild Foraged Lilac Bar Soap 🌸 Hand-Rolled Incense • Litha 🌻 Hand-Rolled Incense • Lughnasadh 🌹 Summer Solstice Bundle featuring a crystal infused soap bar and a collection of home … Continue reading Summer 2018 Items Have Arrived!

The Energy and Spirit of Burdock

Last fall I visited my friend Kate's house in Southern Maine for a gathering of strong women to observe the change of the seasons.  In addition to our festive activities, we ventured outside for a photoshoot among the New England Autumn colors.  Kate lives in a historic and well known house that just happens to … Continue reading The Energy and Spirit of Burdock

Spring 2018 Items Have Arrived!

✨ Joyous Spring Solstice and Happy Vernal Equinox, Spring 2018 items have arrived! 🌙 We’re beyond excited to share 5 new items with you:  Body Butter • Spring  Deep Clean Detox Bar Soap  Hand-Rolled Incense • Beltane  Hand-Rolled Incense • Ostara  Spring Solstice Bundle featuring a crystal infused soap bar and a collection of home and altar … Continue reading Spring 2018 Items Have Arrived!

Seasonal Items Announcement!

Hi there, Kristen here with an update about our products for 2018: As you may know, on each Solstice in 2017, we debuted 3 seasonal items.  Each item was made with seasonally available herbs (many wild foraged) and in a very small quantities.  When these items sold out, they were gone for good.  Many of you … Continue reading Seasonal Items Announcement!